HIPAA Secure Texting

What Does the Future Hold for Secure Messaging? [HIStalk Interview]

June 24, 2015 | Uniphy Health

HIStalk interviewed our CEO, Adam Turinas, on where the secure text messaging industry is heading, and how Practice Unite is ushering hospitals into this new future. Here are some highlights:
“When you look across the market right now, the primary buyers for mobile communications solutions are the CIOs, the IT teams for the various healthcare organizations. They default to secure text, so there’s lots of RFPs out there for secure texting solutions. But as they get into it, they immediately see that there’s a lot more that we could be doing with this mobile application.”

“When we entered the market, there were a number of secure texting vendors who were out there doing very well with it. We thought, we’ve got to go a step beyond that. When we built Practice Unite, we built it with a view of, this is where the market is going to be in two years. We’re finding that that’s the case.”

“Secure texting is becoming a basic fundamental part of everything. The notion of a standalone secure texting application will pretty much be obsolete within a couple of years. I can’t see a reason why people would just buy a secure texting application on its own. Secure texting will become an ingredient for a different solution.”


Read the full interview here.