HIPAA Secure Texting

VOIP: #6 Most Important HIPAA Secure Messaging App Function

December 15, 2014 | Adam Turinas

In this installation of our series addressing the most critical factors to consider when selecting a secure texting provider, we discuss the importance of selecting a secure texting application that supports VOIP.

In order for a secure texting solution to achieve mass adoption, it must support traditional modes of communication as well as text messaging. In those moments where a physician or clinician would save more time talking to someone in a remote location, a secure texting app user should be able to call an office number or mobile device within the app.

Here are some key issues to consider when selecting a VOIP enabled secure texting provider:

  • Integration: Can the secure texting provider you select integrate with your current VOIP system?
  • Security: Does the user have to exit the application at any point to make a call?
  • Ease of Use: How many clicks will it take for a user to find and call someone within the network? Does the application contain a directory of the office and mobile numbers of clinicians and physicians?
  • Seamlessness: Does the application designate a call back number for users who make VOIP calls from the app?

The secure texting solution you choose should ultimately serve as more than just a HIPAA compliant text messaging channel. There are HIPAA secure texting solutions out there that enable healthcare providers to deliver a mobile platform clinicians can use to access their peers, critical patient health information, or even patients when and where they need it. VOIP systems integration is one of the many ways HIPAA text platforms are enhancing connectivity and communication for healthcare providers.

Secure texting solutions ultimately should serve as more than a HIPAA compliant messaging channel, and offer clinicians a mobile portal to navigate the hospital system by connecting them with one another, critical patient information and key data when and where they need it.

Download our rubric of 60 critical factors to consider when choosing a secure text provider

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