Uniphy Referral Genius

Keep more referrals, keep more revenues

Uniphy Referral Genius helps physicians find and refer to the best-performing in-network specialists.

As more healthcare reimbursement dollars become “at risk” due to performance-based metrics, organizations need to focus on maximizing the performance of their people and processes—or else risk a decline in revenues and, with it, a deterioration of their ability to fulfill their mission.

Success for these organizations typically involves:

  • Containing patient referrals within the plan’s provider network
  • Referring to “high-performing” consultants
  • Improving physician performance by comparing their performance metrics to those of peer organizations

Uniphy Referral Genius searches for specialists and identifies the best performers.

PCP and consultant income, as well as the healthcare organization’s bottom line, are directly related to consultant performance metrics (e.g., Medicare length of stay payments, bundles payment performance, etc.).

To maximize performance, Uniphy Health has created a user-friendly mobile solution to help PCPs improve organizational performance.

The solution provides physicians with rapid mobile access to:

  • All network physicians and services
  • Names of high-performing, preferred consultants (including performance
  • The physician’s own personal performance metrics