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Uniphy Health Introduces UH4: Healthcare’s First Real-time, Enterprise-Wide Collaboration Platform

UH4 Delivers Operational Efficiencies, Performance Insights and Superior Care Coordination on a Single, Mobile-first, Patient-centric Enterprise Platform

Newark, NJ – Feb. 22, 2017 Uniphy Health – a leader in mobile solutions for clinical communications and collaboration – today unveiled UH4, an enterprise-wide platform for hospitals, clinics and health care facilities. UH4 enables all enterprise communications applications to share data and functionality and truly work together.

UH4 is the first platform to extend communication and collaboration beyond the four walls of the hospital, enabling people, data and applications to come together securely and seamlessly and ensuring that the right information reaches the right person at the right time.

UH4 supports what Gartner, the premier industry analyst firm, calls the “Real-Time Health System,”[1] a set of technologies that make health care organizations “more aware, collaborative and patient-centric” and allow care teams to work together across the care continuum. The result: more efficient operations, faster time-to-treatment and measurably improved patient outcomes – all on a single platform purpose-built to support all critical enterprise applications, clinical and otherwise.

UH4 advantages include:

  • Patient-centric communications: UH4 helps connect and coordinate all members of the care team, regardless of location, around the needs of the patient. The system is designed to adapt as those needs change.
  • Real-time patient-centric data: UH4 interfaces with third-party data and applications including EHRs, HIEs, financial data, CRM systems, charge capture, mobile forms and more. So critical patient data previously locked in remote systems is now available to physicians and applications at the moment of need – saving time and saving lives.
  • Performance metrics and insights: With UH4, organizations will be better able to capture and report detailed performance data throughout the patient experience. So hospitals can evaluate a range of key performance indicators (KPIs), enabling them to reduce patient waiting time and staff downtime while delivering higher-quality treatment faster.
  • Accelerated clinical workflows: Physicians spend as much as a third of their time – and nurses up to 50 percent – on documentation and data entry. UH4 streamlines clinical workflows and automates manual processes, meaning providers can spend more high-value time focused on direct physician- and nurse-to-patient interaction.
  • Enterprise on a single platform: The “holy grail” for healthcare organizations is to have all systems – not just clinical applications but functions like payroll and continuing medical education – on one platform. With UH4, that convenience, security and economy of scale is finally here.

UH4 was developed in part as a result of input from Uniphy Health clients such as BayCare, RWJBarnabas Health Jersey City Medical Center, Catholic Health Services and Carle, which are industry leaders in the use of technology to achieve length-of-stay reduction, better post-discharge care coordination, referral leakage elimination, physician performance improvement and clinical documentation improvement. With UH4, a single platform will deliver all of that plus organizational knowledge sharing and even a virtual physicians’ lounge – and it will support future application development.

“Healthcare executives consistently tell us their greatest challenges are communications-related,” said Dr. Stuart Hochron, chief medical officer of Uniphy Health. “Data is trapped in silos and care pathways are broken. With UH4, the same powerful groupware common in business – customizable role-based applications developed on an enterprise foundation – is now available to healthcare organizations. The UH4 platform makes healthcare measurable, accountable and patient-centric and allows people to work together and work better.”

About Uniphy Health

Uniphy Health provides clinical communication and collaboration solutions that are used in acute and post-acute care settings to help medical teams work more effectively and improve outcomes. Additionally, the company serves the patient community and caregivers at home and in nursing facilities, and helps healthcare systems address operational and financial challenges. The company earned a 7.8/9 rating from KLAS, the global healthcare IT research provider, for “improving care team communication overall.” Leading healthcare organizations that have deployed Uniphy Health solutions include the Cleveland Clinic, BayCare, Carle, Catholic Health Services and RWJBarnabas Jersey City Medical Center. To learn more about Uniphy Health or request a demo of the platform, please visit Follow the company on Twitter at @uniphy_health.

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[1] Industry Vision: The Real-Time Health System Published: 11 May 2016, Gartner, Inc.

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