Uniphy Clinician

There's no “I” in care team

In medicine, collaboration is king. And Uniphy Clinician
delivers secure collaboration across the care continuum.

At its best, healthcare is a story of synchronization, an ensemble of players with complementary skills, a seamless, choreographed performance.

Too often, however, systemic fault lines keep care teams locked in their own silos, unable to collaborate effectively. That’s bad for patients and, frankly, bad for business.

Uniphy Health is dedicated to breaking down the silos and ensuring the free and secure flow of information among collaborating providers – reducing delays and disruptions, accelerating patient diagnoses and improving care quality and patient satisfaction. Our Uniphy Clinician solution has cut average response times for patient-related communications by 83% (from minutes to seconds), reduced ER patient wait times by 20%. Download the Uniphy Clinician fact sheet.

Uniphy Clinician provides secure, patient-centric messaging and data-sharing to streamline workflows and facilitate collaboration.

With Uniphy Clinician care teams can:

  • Communicate securely by text/voice/video.
  • Enjoy patient-centric collaboration (securely share patient notes among physicians, nurses, other clinicians).
  • Receive and share PHI/clinical data anywhere.
  • Find colleagues/specialists by name, specialty, location.
  • Securely share encrypted images.
  • Send consults directly from patient’s EHR to physicians’ mobile devices.
  • Receive critical/abnormal lab results and other vital clinical information directly from EHR and other clinical systems. Escalate as needed.
  • Quickly identify and communicate with the “on-call” physician.
  • Schedule procedures and have results delivered to ordering physician’s mobile device.
  • Access third-party applications, e.g., charge capture apps and other workflow tools.
  • And much more, including social/sharing features.

Physician Engagement: Because physicians set the tone and hospital performance follows.

Physician engagement continues to be a hot topic of discussions about improving organizational performance and successfully transitioning to value-based care. Surveys of healthcare CEOs continually place physician engagement at or near the top of their priority lists.

That’s why Uniphy Clinician incorporates a powerful array of content and social features designed to facilitate physician engagement – to keep physicians and all care team staff connected, informed and enthusiastic. We think of it as a virtual physicians’ lounge.

Uniphy Clinician facilitates physician engagement via an array of features that promote sharing, discussion and content consumption.

Uniphy Clinician helps hospitals deliver nonclinical content and messages to physicians and other users based on their roles and interests; for example, specialists in a given field can subscribe to a channel intended just for them. It allows users to customize their newsfeed and subscribe to particular types of content or subject matter. Users can post, like, comment on and share content. They can ask questions of the group, knowing peers who share their interests are likely to be able to provide a useful response quickly.

In addition, users can opt to follow other users (as one does on, say, Twitter) in order to stay current on that user’s interests and thinking. Clinician is also an quick an easy way for common operational needs – say, posting a new job opening – to be distributed quickly to relevant recipients.