Uniphy CDI Agent

Improve your clinical documentation
and your revenues will be healthier too.

Uniphy CDI Agent helps clarify billing information
– and eliminate reimbursement denials.

Incomplete medical record documentation leads to insurance payment denials that cost healthcare providers more than $50 billion a year; Medicare alone denied $43 billion in payments in 2015.

Uniphy Health helps healthcare systems maximize their revenues by ensuring physicians are closely and securely connected to their organization’s CDI team. Our CDI communication app makes it easy for clinicians to share vital information and attach it to EHRs. This creates a more complete and accurate record and reduces insurance payment denials due to incorrect information.

Uniphy CDI Agent enables medical billing professionals to contact physicians for detail about procedures and then update the EHR.

Eliminating these rejected payments leads to a projected ROI of $50,000/mo. for a typical 300-bed hospital. How much is incomplete documentation costing your organization – and how much income could you recapture?