Uniphy Caregiver

High-risk patients need higher-level
caregiver involvement.

Uniphy Caregiver makes SNF nurses and home health aides full members of the team.

Caregivers looking after a high-risk patient – for example, someone who has been discharged from the hospital but is still ill or in recovery – have an especially difficult task

They need to provide a range of critical care services without the benefit of having a team of physicians and other professionals on hand. They may not be thoroughly familiar with all aspects of the patient’s case and background. And they certainly don’t have the range of training, skills and experience of an acute care team.

Uniphy Caregiver can make a difference in the quality of care a high-risk patient receives – perhaps even helping prevent that patient from needed to be readmitted to the hospital. Uniphy Caregiver makes it easy for caregivers to monitor patient progress, securely collect and share vital patient data and communicate with members of the acute care team.

Uniphy Caregiver ensures that all members of the care team can collaborate on the management of high-risk cases

Uniphy Caregiver provides caregivers critical functionality including:

  • Clinical dashboard to present/review real-time patient data
  • Patient-centric chat
  • Form automation (complete and submit)
  • Patient e-signatures
  • Electronic care report collection
  • Secure VOIP calling
  • Secure two-way video
  • Workflow management

Uniphy Caregiver enables all members of the care team to work together seamlessly – especially those caregivers who are charged with the day-to-day care of high-risk patients.