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Top Trends Of 2014 Discussed At mHealth Summit

December 16, 2014 | Uniphy Health

At last week’s 2014 mHealth Summit, our Chief Medical Officer, Stuart Hochron MD JD, played a very active role, moderating a panel on the role of mHealth in coordinated care and and representing MedTech Boston.

For those who were unable to attend, here is his roundup of forward thinking trends and technologies that captivated attendees:

“The buzz at this year’s mHealth Summit in Washington D.C. revolved around two deeply different types of technology: relatively low-tech solutions for care coordination, and the remarkable potential of EHR analytics. The value of combining high and low-tech solutions was also on display in the area of remote patient monitoring and wearable technology, where unique approaches that leverage telehealth were shown to consistently reduce hospitalizations and lower the cost of care. Here are five things you missed out on if you weren’t at the Summit…”

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