A Single Pane of Glass

One app to rule them all.

Manage third-party functionality through your Uniphy Health app

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. So why is it so complicated?

At Uniphy Health, we want our solutions to simplify the lives of hardworking, multitasking physicians and other care professionals. That’s why we built into our platform the concept of a single pane of glass.

What that means is this: In addition to Uniphy Health’s proprietary content and functionality, our apps can also be configured to present third-party functionality in-line, making them a “single pane of glass” through which healthcare professionals can quickly access anything and everything they need without the complexity and wasted time of continually switching in and out of multiple apps.

Our technology is designed to simplify the way you work.

At Uniphy Health, we want the technology we make to simplify the way you work. So we’ve worked hard to make an app that consolidates your communications and streamlines your workflows. In fact, our app is even capable of invoking other related apps you use – your charge capture app, for example, or EHR. Uniphy pulls in the third-party app functionality exactly when you need it. So instead of juggling multiple apps, you can get everything done with just one.

Which means you can spend more time focused on your work. And less time on your time-saving technology.