Customized Solutions

Configuring your solution is the most important thing we do.

It’s not a generic software setup. Uniphy Health is precisely configured to address your organization’s specific issues and requirements.

Technology can solve a lot of problems – assuming your objectives are clear, you select the right solution and your people adopt the technology the way you expected them to. It doesn’t happen on its own.

That’s why at Uniphy Health we have a professional services team to work with you every step of the way – from strategic roadmapping to configuration and deployment to user adoption to performance analysis.

Strategic roadmapping

In our roadmapping process, we help your organization achieve strategic business objectives and overcome core business challenges. We look at your long-term organizational goals and take into account decisions you’ve already made and initiatives you already have underway. We do a gap analysis and create a set of technology priorities. Then we work with you to game out options for achieving those priorities, weighing the costs and benefits of various approaches.

Configuration and deployment

Uniphy Health solutions are cloud-based, making them straightforward to configure and deploy. There’s no hardware for you to set up and maintain, no updates and patches for you to worry about. Your dedicated deployment team works with you to ensure that your solution addresses your company’s priorities. There is go-live planning, pre-rollout communications to ensure your users understand the value the new system will bring them – and see the support of the leadership team. Rollouts are phased to allow for optimization in progress.

User training and adoption

Creating new habits takes time, and users don’t always know what’s best for them. So our team focuses on continually communicating the benefits of the new system and making sure users are on-boarded correctly. Uniphy Health solutions become exponentially more powerful the more completely they are adopted throughout the organization, so we pay a great deal of attention to training users and ensuring the appropriate materials and resources – e.g., videos, use cases, on-site support – are available. We treat system rollouts and subsequent upgrades like a marketing campaign with successive waves of communications and user engagement to encourage even the most recalcitrant would-be user to give the platform a try.

Metrics and performance analysis

Launching the system sounds like the final step. But in many ways it’s just the beginning. We continually monitor usage and performance – how many messages are being sent, what content is and isn’t popular, which users are most engaged – and report that to you monthly. This continual reporting and analysis allows us to make continual incremental improvements to increase the ROI and ensure all parties are getting maximum benefit from the Uniphy Health solution.