Secure Messaging & Coordinated Care mHealth App Unveiled [Press]

June 5, 2013 | Uniphy Health

“In a crowded hospital setting like Liberty Health’s Jersey City Medical Center, the common forms of staff communication are text message, e-mail, intercom, or, if worse comes to worst, a shout down the hallway. Not exactly the most efficient way to gain a doctor’s or nurse’s attention or discuss patient information.

With the popularity of smartphones and the advent of mHealth platforms, those lines of communication are becoming much clearer and more direct. At Jersey City, for example, the 800+ doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and other staff are using a smartphone app to reach anyone they want in real time – from the hospital’s CEO to a specific department to the whole system.

“It’s a simple, simple thing to use, and it’s been great for us,” said Joseph Scott, president and CEO of Liberty Health, of the Practice Unite app…”

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