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#3 Key Factor mHealth Apps For Coordinated Care Should Address

August 7, 2014 | Adam Turinas

In this installation of our series outlining the most important factors to consider when selecting a secure text provider, we will cover the key capabilities and features to address regarding Notifications.

As you evaluate the Notifications capabilities of secure text solutions here are some issues to consider:

1. Adaptability: How flexible is the secure text app’s Notification capabilities? Can the Apps’ notification features be adapted based on user feedback and customized to fit your health system’s distinct needs?

2. Clinical System Integration: Can the secure text solution’s notifications be integrated with other clinical systems? This capability is essential for health system’s looking for a solution to improve clinicians’ speed of care and workflow management.

3. Personalization: Can users disable, enable or otherwise customize their notification delivery settings?

4. Do Not Disturb: Do clinicians have the ability to disable push notifications with ease?

5. Support: Setting up system integrations and managing notification features can be labor intensive. Establish if and how the vendor will provide outsourced system management.

6. Broadcast: Can admins use the secure text solution to send notification alerts to individual users, groups or all active users? This can be of great use in emergency situations.

7. Automated Alerts: Can users receive automated notifications reminding them to open or reply to secure text messages?

8. PHI Protection: Do alerts and notifications alert users to patient information without sharing them outside of the secure text application? This is critical to ensuring HIPAA compliance.

9. Delivery Notifications: Are users notified when their messages have been delivered? Does the secure text application automatically resend notifications if the initial delivery notification fails?


If you would like to see the complete list of critical factors to consider when choosing a secure text provider, Download our secure text comparison checklist here:

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