KLAS Secure Communication 2016

KLAS Recognizes Uniphy Health for Multiple Achievements in Care Team Communication

Rated 7.8/9 for improving care team communication overall

The KLAS Secure Communication 2016 report lauds Uniphy Health’s high adoption rates in desktop messaging, image sharing and communication outside the hospital. Additionally, it cites high customer usage of EMR and critical lab interfaces – functionality that goes beyond standard communication to include exchange of sensitive data. And it notes Uniphy Health’s success demonstrates “deep clinician and non-clinician adoption can be achieved.”

Central to the value of the Uniphy Health platform is patient-centric communication and collaboration, enabling a care network to extend beyond the hospital walls.

To put Uniphy Health’s high ratings in perspective, in 2015 KLAS noted, “over 120 vendors … offer some sort of secure messaging system.”

Customers said Uniphy Health’s solution has made an impact by enabling clinicians to collaborate directly; by connecting to third-party software, such as charge capture solutions; and by sending alerts from electronic questionnaires or billing and scheduling systems. They also praised the product’s deep enterprise adoption, ease of use of the system, quality of service and support and overall high levels of satisfaction with the company. Uniphy Health was recognized for high user adoption of critical functionality including:

  • Sharing PHI
  • Alarms and Mass Alerts
  • Lab Results
  • Scheduling
  • Patient Instruction
  • Communication Outside Organization
  • Nonclinical Uses

Customer verbatims recorded by KLAS:

“We are using the system to reduce avoidable re-hospitalization.”

“The system connects to our smartphones and pagers, and it interfaces with them seamlessly.”

“Home health aides can send us an image of a skin condition, directly ask us questions or let us know of emergencies.”

“The system is linked to our billing interface, so the physicians can post charges as they do patient rounds in the hospital.”

Over 99% of the texts are opened within a minute.”

“Our patients can request appointments or let urgent care know they are on their way.”

“Before … We had no automated process for notifying a doctor when someone needed a consultation. There were constant battles with the doctors.”

“I am someone who hates vendors as a rule … But I
can’t say enough good things about Uniphy Health.”

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