Designed to be extended.

Support for multiple third-party applications and data sources

Third-party application support: We’ll let you in on a secret: We may be smart, but we haven’t thought of literally everything. Or at least, we haven’t built everything. No matter how many configurable solutions we create to facilitate clinical workflows or address the needs of caregivers and patients, there’s always going to be something we didn’t build. And that’s okay.

The Uniphy Health Platform is purpose-built to support secure, HIPAA-compliant healthcare communication and collaboration applications

That’s because the Uniphy Health Platform supports third-party solution design and development beyond the many applications already created. Healthcare organizations can take existing functionality already developed and incorporate it into the Uniphy Health Platform, thus benefiting from our robust communication and collaboration architecture. Additionally, because the platform is standards-based, flexible and adaptable, it can be used as a springboard for developing entirely new solutions.