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Inside Secure Messaging: Group & Picture Texting in Action

September 15, 2015 | Uniphy Health

The most advanced secure texting solutions enable clinicians and physicians to securely access clinical data, update or check patient notes and coordinate care with everyone involved in the care continuum—patients, their caretakers and loved ones included. There are various types of secure text functions that make care coordination improvement possible. In this post, we explain the advantages of each as it relates to care coordination. We also demonstrate how easy accessing and using these secure text options can be with step-by-step instructions and video explanations.


Secure texting individuals

With secure texting enabled mobile apps, clinicians and physicians can freely send and receive texts containing sensitive clinical data and PHI in order to speed care coordination and delivery.

To send secure texts, Practice Unite users need to simply tap the “Secure Text” icon on their app’s dashboard, select the contact they would like to send a secure text message to, type their message and press “send”. After the message is sent, they’re also notified when the recipient opens their text.


Secure group texting

Secure texting solutions that support group messaging are extremely useful when coordinating care. Using this feature, clinicians can create groups centered on a critical patient and effectively streamline communication with the patient’s care team.

This 1 minute video explains the simple, four step process Practice Unite users undergo to create groups and send group members secure texts:


Secure photo texting

Clinicians and physicians frequently take photos of patients’ skin conditions or wounds to share with their fellow care team members. Showing critical patient information is often more convenient than describing a patient’s condition in words. Secure texting apps must be capable of both securely storing images and delivering picture messages.

This 1 minute video explains the 4 steps Practice Unite users take to securely send photo messages:

When evaluating and comparing secure text solutions ensure that its mobile apps support each of the above options. Take special note of how easy or difficult it is to access and complete each secure texting function when demoing each app. Users should be able to send and receive secure texts with greater ease and speed than if they were using their smartphone’s standard, unsecure texting function.

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