mHeath Innovation: The Answer To Healthcare’s Interoperability Woes?

July 1, 2015 | Uniphy Health

HIMSS Media’s Executive Editor Tom Sullivan published an article describing the future of interoperability (link below). The article appeared in yesterday’s Healthcare IT News. It describes how healthcare organizations can use applications like Practice Unite to further interoperability and communications among providers and patients.

Read full article here.

The author writes, “I’m going to group a bunch of (innovative) tools together, for simplicity’s sake, and christen them as part of a new breed of software delivering that patient data. Practice Unite and 3M, with its workflow tools, are in there. Overlay. That’s the operative word…overlay EHRs and other software systems.…these vendors are a representation of emerging technologies that more closely tie clinicians with patients in a way where all parties have access to relevant data. Hospitals could implement and use two or more of them. And they are just a few of the countless innovators coming to market.”

Russell Baxley, Regional CEO of Lancaster Medical Center is quoted saying, “I think we played it out all wrong to get to where we need to be. There’s nothing pushing anybody toward true interoperability. The incentives and the penalties are placed on the wrong people. The only way we’ll have true interoperability is when the penalties are placed on the EHR providers and bonuses offered for those vendors to make their systems interoperable.”

We would love the opportunity to share with you how our partner, Practice Unite’s solution is helping organizations like yours take steps towards simple, useful steps in interoperability through their innovative mobile solution.