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mHealth App For Coordinated Care Reduces Referral Leakage [Study]

May 4, 2014 | Uniphy Health

Hospitals are benefiting from the more efficient communication of clinicians using Practice Unite.

Practice Unite reduces hospital length of stay, and speeds ED discharges by rapidly delivering real-time clinical data to physicians, and by facilitating communications among physicians and nurses. More patients are treated locally because referring physicians can easily find and communicate with specialized consultants and services. Requests for consultations are delivered to physicians within seconds of being ordered, and responded to in minutes rather than hours or days. Physician response times to nursing calls are markedly reduced, and the ability of nurses to share information with several physicians simultaneously allows team members to synchronize their efforts and accelerate the time to diagnosis and discharge.

New physicians report that as it is easier to find other physicians within the network, increasing physician referrals to colleagues. This reduced physician referral leakage by 1-2 cases per month.

The benefits of Practice Unite in the ED and on Medical Floors are as follows:

  • Length of hospital stay reduced by 1-day for 10-20% of patients
  • 20% reduction in ER patient waiting times before discharge or admission
  • Reduced inpatient care delays by 1.25 hours/physician/day
  • Reduced hospital referral leakage by 2 cases/physician/month, equivalent to $120,000 per physician per year


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