Product Feature

Residents Lower Patient Length of Stay With mHealth Coordinated Care App

May 4, 2014 | Uniphy Health

Residents, and all members of their patient care teams, use Practice Unite’s “Patient List” to update and review real-time patient information.

In this way each resident on a case can add current patient information and stay in touch with all others involved with a case, including the attending physician. Sign-in/sign-out procedures become more about patient management plans and less about patient status, saving time and allowing residents and attendings to focus on what matters most. The app is used to coordinate patient transfers between services, to quickly reach otherwise difficult to find consultants, and to clear patients for discharge with consultants and attendings. The app also speeds residents’ responses to calls from each other and from nursing staff.

The benefits of our coordinated care mHealth app to residents on teaching services are as follows:

  • Reduces length of stay for 25% of medical floor patients by 1-day
  • Reduces patient length of stay in CCU by 25%
  • 2.5/10 patients transferred out of CCU at least 1 day earlier
  • Response time to consult requests shortened from >1 day to 30 minutes
  • 50% of consults performed at least one (1) day earlier
  • Consults that had been performed within 2-3 days are now performed within 1 day or less


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