Uniphy your people.
Uniphy your data.
Uniphy your applications.
Uniphy your workflows.


UH4 is the first platform to extend communication and collaboration beyond the four walls of the hospital. It seamlessly brings together people, data, applications and workflows, so the right information reaches the right person at the right time. The result: more efficient operations, faster time-to-treatment and measurably improved patient outcomes.

Solutions Built on the UH4 Platform

The UH4 platform supports a wide array of solutions that make health care organizations more aware, collaborative and patient-centric and allow care teams to work together across the care continuum. Explore Uniphy Health solutions.

Uniphy Your People: UH4 connects everyone along the care continuum on a single platform.


UH4: Uniphy Your Data

The UH4 platform is designed to enable rapid development, configuration, integration, deployment, evaluation, control and optimization of solutions. It is scalable, extensible, cloud-based. Learn more.

Strategic, Organized, Effective Deployment

Uniphy Health will help you create a strategic roadmap, configure your solution, provide training and support, optimize performance and maximize user uptake and engagement

Uniphy Health Clients