ROI today. Value-based care tomorrow.

Our value is helping you maximize your value.

They say that there are no guarantees in medicine (or life). And while that is largely true, Uniphy Health hereby announces an exception: We guarantee our platform will have a measurably positive impact on your organization – delivering you ROI today, and positioning you for the value-based care system of tomorrow. And even though it’s not sterile, we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

Here’s how our guarantee works:

  • We perform a Communications Health Assessment of your organization, evaluating your pre-Uniphy performance in patient satisfaction, physician engagement, length-of-stay reduction and other key metrics.
  • Based on those metrics, we create a set of performance targets we believe your organization can attain.
  • We get you up and running on Uniphy Health, get your care teams trained, and help make sure they are making it part of their workflows.
  • After three months, we come back and take the measurements again. If there are any shortfalls, we tweak the system as necessary.

And yes, we don’t just talk about it. If we fail to deliver the agreed-upon performance, our compensation is adjusted according to our contracted amount. But don’t get too excited – so far, it has never happened.