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Group Messaging: #4 Most Important Secure Texting App Function

August 25, 2014 | Adam Turinas

In the latest installation of our series that outlines the critical points health system executives must consider when selecting a secure text provider, we cover the most impactful capabilities for group messaging.

As you evaluate the group messaging capabilities of a secure texting solution here are some key elements to consider:

1. Targeted Messaging: Can administrators easily create user groups to deliver targeted feeds of information? Does the secure text app enable them to manage and execute various communication functions? Such capabilities can be leveraged to broadcast messages, deliver patient information, hospital alerts or news content to special groups of users.

2. Group Publishing: Can administrators openly publish groups within the secure text app for all users to access? These groups can be organized so that app users can quickly access the contact details of and communicate with a group of users, such as clinicians from a specific hospital floor. Each user should be able to select and broadcast messages to a pre-populated group administrators created within the secure text app.

3. Easy to Update: HIPAA texting app administrators should be able to easily add/remove people from the app’s group directory on a periodic basis. This process should be easy and straightforward so as not to bog down the time of HIT administrators.

4. User Self Management: Users of the secure text app should have ability to create and manage their own private groups within the application. This feature is extremely valuable to clinicians, for instance, who can create groups centered on a critical patient to streamline communication with their care team.

Learn more on how to compare the capabilities of secure texting providers, by Downloading our secure text comparison checklist here:


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