Clinical Communication and Collaboration 2016

Gartner Recognizes Uniphy Health

From the Gartner 2016 Market Guide for Clinical Communication and Collaboration

Gartner notes that clinical communication and collaboration platforms such as Uniphy Health “improve care quality, care team effectiveness and the patient experience,” adding that these platforms are a “critical point-of-care” component in the “real-time health system.”  Read the complete Gartner report for free!

The Uniphy Health Platform enables physicians to keep referrals “in-house” by identifying affiliated physicians and managing consult requests. 

According to the Gartner report, Uniphy Health:

  • Complements the EHR
  • Enhances clinical care team effectiveness, improves outcomes and patient experience
  • Addresses both acute and post acute (e.g. post discharge, skilled nursing facilities, home care, patients) requirement
  • Provides secure VoIP, EHR integration, searchable directories, on-call scheduling, care team alignment, physician engagement, patient engagement, support services engagement (e.g., pharmacy, transportation, food services, device repair), and integration with client systems
  • Serves as a platform for hosting and targeted delivery of integrated applications
  • Also acts as a platform to ensure continuity of care and better patient outcomes
  • Incorporates content sharing and social features to create a virtual physicians' lounge