Case Study

Enhancing Coordinated Care Efficiency In Hospitals [Video Testimonial]

May 28, 2015 | Adam Turinas

Kenneth Garay, MD is a busy ENT surgeon and Chief Medical Officer at Barnabas Health-Jersey City Medical Center, a 300+ bed acute care teaching hospital. In this 3-minute video testimonial, Dr. Garay discusses how Practice Unite has evolved to meet the organization’s current and future needs.



Speaking from firsthand experience, Dr. Garay discusses the impact Practice Unite has had on care coordination and day-to-day physician and hospital workflow. The experience has been transformative. Dr. Garay describes real-time delivery of critical results that reduces delays and improves care, increased operational efficiencies, and a Practice Unite team that is easy to approach and quick to respond to requests for new features. His organization works closely with Practice Unite to configure mHealth solutions that solve their evolving needs.

For JCMC-Barnabas Health, Practice Unite is a long-term mHealth partner:

“I’m always thinking what the next step is and we’re working with [Practice Unite] about helping us with population management, and population health.”


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