How does it work?

We were hoping you'd ask!

Uniphy Health is a cloud-based platform that’s relatively easy to set up – particularly because we do it for you.

1. We analyze your organization and operations and work with you to develop specific, quantifiable goals. These might include improving clinical workflows, lowering preventable readmissions, reducing referral leakage or improving patient satisfaction.

2. Then we tailor the Uniphy platform to deliver the functionality to achieve those goals, allowing you to select particular features you want to turn on. We even add your organization’s branding to ensure a proprietary, fully customized look.

3. We build a database of your physicians, nurses, clinicians and staff.

4. Depending on the features you’ve selected, we may also integrate Uniphy Health with your EHR, scheduling, critical lab reporting or other clinical applications. The goal is to give your users a single app from which they can access all critical data, content and functionality.

5. We plan and implement a rollout campaign that drives adoption across your user base.

6. We monitor and measure performance and recommend adjustments as needed to achieve your goals.