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Keeping care teams engaged and informed.

Given the miracles in modern medicine, to many it comes as a surprise that most healthcare organizations are afflicted by that most ancient of maladies: a failure to communicate. Dispersed care teams, security requirements and plain old economics have conspired to make it so.

Fortunately, Uniphy Health is helping savvy providers overcome those challenges by turning content into a competitive advantage, and delivering patient data to clinicians when and where they need it, for example, delivering actionable clinical data directly from the EHR into the hands of clinicians. The solution is configured to enhance workflows by speeding up communications, shortening response times and fostering collaboration.

The Uniphy Health platform is designed to deliver relevant, personalized content and information to all members of the care team, no matter what their role or where they are located. Doctors learn of new therapies, nurses and home health aides discover new techniques – even patients themselves become better informed consumers of healthcare.

Doctors learn of new therapies, nurses and home health aides discover new techniques.

The result is that everyone across the care continuum has a common base of information – and a daily reason to stay connected. Which leads to more collaboration, greater efficiency and better results for all involved – most importantly, the patients.