Communications Health Assessment

The Communications Health AssessmentTM

Think of it as a physical for your organization.

You wouldn’t begin treating a patient without having performed a diagnosis. Similarly, at Uniphy Health, we don’t deliver a solution without understanding what issues your company has that we can help solve.

We developed the Communications Health Assessment as a framework for determining how your organization performs across seven key metrics that are critical to your ROI today and your competitiveness under the value-based care system of tomorrow.

Categories evaluated in the Uniphy Health Communications Health Assessment:


And we don’t just tell you how you score – we show you how you stack up against similar organizations in your category.

While performing the Communications Health Assessment is typically the first step in configuring the Uniphy Health platform for your organization’s needs, we can also run a CHA as a standalone service, for performance evaluation.

To find out more about a Communications Health Assessment for your organization, speak with a Uniphy Health performance consultant today.