Case Studies

Results Achieved by Uniphy Health Clients

Uniphy Health is used by nationally recognized healthcare systems including Bay Care, the Cleveland Clinic, Catholic Health Services and NYU. The following are snapshots of results achieved:

Hospital Sees Increase in Financial Performance by Reducing Observation Times
Hospitals with longer-than-average observation times are penalized; some report losing a million dollars or more annually. One 325-bed acute care hospital increased its revenue by $720,000 within the first nine months of partnering with Uniphy Health by identifying and observation workflow inefficiencies and using secure mobile technology to improve the process.

Improving Clinical Documentation Helps a Hospital Capture the Revenue to Which It Is Entitled
The average 300-bed hospital forfeits more than $500,000 in reimbursement payments annually due to incomplete or delayed clinical documentation. Physician responses to CDI team coding queries are often fraught with delays, and these are amplified after the patient is discharged. One hospital’s CDI team now successfully delivers an astonishing 95% of its clarification requests to physicians through its Uniphy Health platform, which is being upgraded to provide physicians with one-click mobile documentation.

Eliminating Length-of-Stay Penalties by Correcting Workflow Inefficiencies
Financial losses incurred due to longer-than-average lengths of stay is the number-one problem many hospitals face. One Uniphy Health client is now using its platform to lower its LOS by improving discharge-related workflow inefficiencies, and by significantly improving select high-value physician performance metrics such as response time for consult requests.

Plugging Referral Leakage Produces an Additional $120,000 per Physician
The average mid-sized hospital loses tens of millions of dollars annually due to referral leakage. A 325-bed hospital using the Uniphy Health referral management system has provided its in-network physicians with the ability to quickly send and receive referrals. The result has been an increase in annual referral revenue of $120,000 per primary care physician.

A Physician Burnout Solution More Effective than “Heal Thyself”
Physician burnout is a major cause of poor performance and turnover. And a poorly performing physician costs far more than the $150,000 that hospitals spend to replace just one burned-out doctor. Healthcare systems use Uniphy Health to create a “virtual physician lounge” in which the causes of physician burnout can be identified, addressed and prevented. One 350-bed hospital increased physician satisfaction and reduced key measure of physician burnout (as measured on the Maslach burnout scale) by more than 30% within 90 days of its Uniphy Health implementation.

Maximizing Physician Adoption and Return on Secure Texting Investment
Unsecured, non-HIPAA compliant physician texting is illegal and prohibited by hospital credentialing organizations. Typical physician adoption rates of less than 10% for secure mobile texting solutions cannot reduce these risks. Physician adoption, as would be expected, is related to value delivered … and delivering secure texting isn’t enough. Adoption across all of Uniphy Health’s hospital customers is 5-7 times greater than industry norms because Uniphy’s solutions are physician driven, refined by physician feedback, and supported by proven physician adoption methodology.

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