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Tech Support: A Critical Element Of Engaging Patient Engagement Apps

August 13, 2015 | Uniphy Health

Selecting a mobile patient engagement app is not an easy process for providers. There are many aspects to consider when evaluating and comparing solution vendors. We’ve spent the last few months outlining 7 key factors, dissected into 40+ sub-points of consideration, providers should address when comparing mobile patient engagement apps. Mobile patient engagement apps will only grow more essential as patient self management and remote monitoring become essential to delivering high quality care with efficiency. It’s not enough for providers to release mobile apps that don’t get used.

Patients need a blend of online & offline onboarding support

Mobile patient engagement app vendors should make it as easy as possible for providers to prevent any barriers to app downloading. Vendors can do this offering training for care coordinators on how to demo the app to patients, and delivering automated email reminders for patients to download and setup the app.

Patients want their concerns to be addressed immediately

Patients expect 24/7 technical support for their mobile apps. They should be able to contact tech support by using the in-app technical support functions, or communicating via online chat, phone or email. When it comes to feedback collection, the app should have automated mechanisms that periodically encourage users to deliver feedback on the app across multiple communication channels.

After addressing the above patient concerns and many consideration points highlighted in this series, your mobile patient engagement app will be well poised to become a significant part of patients’ everyday health and wellness routines.

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