Reduce costs. Increase revenues. Improve the lives of your people and your patients – all through a single platform.

The Uniphy Health Clinical Communications Platform  is designed to help healthcare organizations meet  the clinical communications needs of today, with a clear transition path into the value-based future of healthcare.

Solutions are configured to each customer’s unique requirements, saving them millions of dollars through improved care coordination, stronger networks and more engaged patients.

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A complete mobility platform and digital ecosystem that provides real-time information and collaboration.

So many benefits, we can’t fit them all here.

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Uniphy Health delivers:

  • Real-time patient-centric care team communications
  • EHR integration
  • Accelerated clinical workflows
  • Performance optimization
  • Non-clinical communications
  • Physician engagement
  • Patient engagement

All through a single enterprise platform.

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Your Uniphy Health Solution Is Easy to Connect

With out-of-the-box interfaces to EHRs, labs and clinical data, and financial systems and more, Uniphy Health already supports the solutions you need today – and the ones you’ll want tomorrow.  Learn more about Uniphy Health’s platform.

107 Questions To Ask Clinical Communications Vendors

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If you are evaluating Clinical Communications vendors or developing an RFP, our comprehensive list of questions will help you hit the target.