Working Together Works Better

We founded Uniphy Health with a mission: To help healthcare professionals collaborate more effectively, deliver better care and make it easier for them to do the invaluable work they do – whether in acute care or ambulatory settings. We’ve always understood that “people are the killer app,” and that by connecting dedicated people across the care continuum – especially in large, dispersed healthcare systems – we empower them to be better coordinated, more efficient and more effective. The net result is lower cost, increased revenues and better patient experience.

All Uniphy Health solutions are built on a common enterprise collaboration platform.

The way we see it, our users are our heroes. We may work for healthcare organizations but everything we do is geared to give physicians, nurses, home caregivers and patients as well tools that help the excel in their work them despite the reality of a shifting, challenging healthcare landscape. In a very real sense, the software we make is designed by our users: Almost every feature (and there are dozens) is there because users demanded it.

Of course, delivering on our vision would not be sustainable if we didn’t deliver something else: ROI. Our solutions are measurable, accountable and proven to lower costs, increase patient satisfaction and generate revenue. We know that improving patient outcomes is possible only with a healthy bottom line.

"With recent accolades from KLAS and Gartner, Uniphy Health continues to set the pace in a fast-moving industry they largely helped define."

Who We Are

We are PASSIONATE about the the tools we build.

We are INSPIRED by the potential of our solutions.

We are INNOVATORS. We are creative and nimble with technology, unafraid to ask “What if …?” and “Why not …?”

We are fiercely PROUD of our work.

We communicate FEARLESSLY, openly and with respect.

We are STICKLERS for detail.

We are ACTIVE LISTENERS, humble and empathetic.

We SUPPORT AND CHALLENGE each other so we continue to grow as individuals and as a company.

We LOVE what we do!


The Uniphy Health Leadership Team

The Uniphy Health leadership team is comprised of personnel with deep experience in healthcare, communications and development and deployment of complex information systems.

Tom Wamberg


Adam Turinas

Chief Executive Officer

Stuart Hochron

Director and Chief Medical Officer

Ed Guy

Chief Technology Officer

Chuck French

Chief Strategy Officer

Chad Stoerp

Chief Financial Officer

Sarah Skelton

SVP Product Management