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It’s amazing what happens when care teams are aligned: Services are orchestrated. Downtime is reduced. And patients get higher-quality care. As healthcare moves from volume to value, Uniphy Health helps hospitals, physician organizations and ACOs save time and money as well as lives. Now: How can we work together with you?

Uniphy Health Solutions

The Uniphy Health platform is easily configured to support a broad array of solutions for clinical professionals, post-acute caregivers and finance and operations personnel. Explore Uniphy Health solutions.

We’re saving a 350-bed hospital millions of dollars a year.


Uniphy Clinician: Connecting care teams

Uniphy Clinician enables care teams to share secure messages, clinical data, medical images and PHI.
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Beyond Secure Texting

The Uniphy Health communication and collaboration platform
is engineered to support your organization's most critical applications.

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